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Scott Adcock
CISD Principal

Principal’s Messages
Scott Adcock
Cloverport Independent School District

William H. Natcher Elementary

At William H. Natcher Elementary School, we strive for excellence.  At the primary level, our focus is on developing the core reading, writing, math, and social skills students will need to succeed in future learning.  Our goal is that each student be on grade level in all subject areas before leaving the primary grades.

In the intermediate grades, we continue to focus on reading, writing, math, and social skills, but also emphasize science and social studies instruction.  Again, our goal is that all students are on grade level in these subject areas.

William H. Natcher Elementary School is a Leader in Me school.  As such, we place a heavy emphasis on developing students’ abilities to be self-confident, intrinsically motivated, and compassionate individuals.  We incorporate Stephen Covey’s seven habits into all that we do and encourage our families to do the same at home.

  1. Be proactive ~ You’re in charge
  2. Begin with the end in mind ~ Have a plan
  3. Put first things first ~ Work first, then play
  4. Think win-win ~ Everyone can win
  5. Seek first to understand, then to be understood ~ Listen first, then talk
  6. Synergize ~ Together is better
  7. Sharpen the saw ~ Balance feels best 

This is truly a great place to learn!  Our staff is highly focused on teaching the whole child and will stop at nothing to ensure that each student reaches his or her highest potential.  We maintain an atmosphere of warmth and caring that one simply will not find anywhere else.


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